Orbit is a BTS zine that explores the concept of being through storytelling.Inspired by 7 boys from Korea and the limitless world beyond theirs, the zine will feature original work from 75 contributors: 40 artists, 20 writers, and 15 graphic designers.

In short, Orbit is a space-themed zine! Beyond the concept of space as a setting or aesthetic, the theme of this zine is meant to encourage contributors to include reflective, analytical, and/or metaphorical interpretations of space and BTS.For example, you might take the concept of a red giant (a dying star) and use its space terminology as a metaphor to talk about exhaustion or burnout. You might then go on to visualize a piece where Jimin is dancing and glowing to a point where he looks as if he’s about to explode—perhaps his shoes are worn, his eyes are dull or lacking passion, etc—and the space imagery might be tied in directly through his costume, the setting, or background elements.There are many different ways to interpret Orbit's theme!Worried that your idea falls outside the boundary of the theme? Fear not! Contributors will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the mods, and we'll work directly with you to ensure it fits within the theme.We want to give contributors a lot of space (pardon the pun) to play around with the theme, so we hope you feel inspired by the infinite number of possibilities unfolding ahead of you!

The project will be visualized through 2 sections:
Aphelion: The point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun.
Work in the Aphelion section of the zine will touch more on darker subjects such as grief, loss, loneliness, burn-out, exhaustion, negative emotions, or circumstances one might face. It could also be a space to explore darker concepts.Perihelion: The point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is closest to the sun.Work in the Perihelion section of the zine will lean more towards the “lighter” aspects in regards to subject matter. It could include things like discovery, astrology, growth, love, excitement, etc.The zine will accept a total of 75 contributors:
40 artists
20 writers
15 graphic designers
Orbit is also excited to invite guest contributors from all three categories! Please note that guest counts will not detract from the 75 slots available for applying contributors.

The zine will be distributed digitally and for free through an online platform. A Ko-Fi account will be opened separately in order to collect donations toward our chosen charity, which will be selected with our full mod and contributor team. Any profits earned through this Ko-Fi will be donated a month after the zine is released.

Dec 1st - Dec 29thInterest Check
Jan 21stInterest Check Results
Jan 28th - Feb 25thWriter Applications
Mar 11thWriter Application Results
Mar 25thWriter Pitches Due
Apr 15thWriter Check-in #1 (Outlines)
May 27thWriter Check-in #2 (Progress: 25%)
Jul 8thWriter Check-in #3 (Progress: 50%)
Aug 26th - Sep 16thWriter Check-in #4 (Progress: 75%)
Feb 25th - Mar 25thArtist Applications
Apr 15thArtist Application Results
Apr 23rdArtist Pitches Due
May 20thArtist Check-in #1 (Thumbnails)
Jun 24thArtist Check-in #2 (Progress: 25%)
Aug 5thArtist Check-in #3 (Progress: 50%)
Sep 16th - Sep 23rdArtist Check-in #4 (Progress: 75%)
Apr 15th - May 13thGraphic Designer Applications
May 26thGraphic Designer Application Results
Jun 27thGraphic Designer Pitches Due
Jul 17thGraphic Designer Check-in #1 (Thumbnails)
Aug 12thGraphic Designer Check-in #2 (Progress: 25%)
Sep 16thGraphic Designer Check-in #3 (Progress: 50%)
Oct 14thGraphic Designer Check-in #4 (Progress: 75%)
Nov 4thFinal Submissions (Progress: 100%)
Nov 4th - Nov 25thBeta Period
December 2022Formatting Period
January 2023Zine Draft Revision Period
Feb 7th, 2023Zine Release (7PM PST)

SCHEDULE ✧ ✧ ✧Why does the schedule have different dates for artists, writers, and graphic designers?
Our zine is operating on a staggered schedule in order to give contributors ample time to create (especially for writers, as some will have the opportunity to write lengthier pieces of up to 20k (and thus will need more time than a typical 12-week schedule!)).
The staggered schedule will also allow mods to monitor check-ins for each category of contributors separately, which will divide the workload into 40/20/15 incoming pieces rather than 75 at once. The distribution of the check-in numbers will allow the mods to accommodate a greater number of contributors in the team!
Each category of contributor does not need to worry about the other category schedules (e.g., writers do not need to worry about the artist or graphic designer schedules, and vice versa).
APPLICATIONS ✧ ✧ ✧How old do I have to be to participate?
Applicants must be 15 years of age or older by the time that applications for their desired role closes.
Can I apply for multiple positions?
Yes, you may apply to as many positions as you'd like! Please note that contributors will only be accepted for one position each.
Can accepted contributors submit existing pieces to the zine?
No, all accepted contributors must create a new piece for the zine. Contributors may build off an existing WIP, but they will be expected to adhere to the zine schedule and should discuss any specifics directly with the mod team!
How will applications be evaluated?
All members of the mod team will review applications using a Likert scale of 1-5. Mods will not view each other's scoring, but will meet at the end of the application evaluation period to discuss and select the final team of contributors. The mod team will evaluate your application with primary focus on your selected 3 samples, and secondary focus on your portfolio. Please visit our applications page for more details!
WRITERS ✧ ✧ ✧Can writers apply with WIPs or excerpts of longer works?
Yes! Visit our applications page for more details.
ARTISTS ✧ ✧ ✧What kind of art is acceptable?
All types of art are acceptable! We encourage creators to explore and experiment with various forms of mixed media—if you want to scan in cool textures and draw on those, or paint something and layer digital elements on top, go for it!
Is traditional art allowed?
Yes! Traditional artists must be able to provide a high quality scan of at least 72dpi for the final piece.
Are full backgrounds expected of artists?
Sort of! Artists are expected to create a background for their piece. However, we welcome artists to be creative in how they do so! We encourage artists to creatively play with negative space or less intricate background forms. Artists should not plan to use a plain colour block. Portraiture can be explored but should not be the entire basis of a full illustration—the full piece should still be able to demonstrate an overall narrative or sense of foreground/background!
Can I apply as a merch artist?
No, we will not be taking merchandise-specific artists for this zine. Orbit is planned to be a free an digital zine! Depending on interest, we may have opportunities to produce limited merch that would be available for purchase, such as prints or stickers! These merch items would be created by contributors and might be prints of their created art, writing, or graphic designs. Contributors will be able to opt in or out of this possibility. More information will be shared later on!
GENERAL ✧ ✧ ✧Will this zine be for profit or for charity?
The final zine will be distributed for free via an online platform. There will be options to donate to a selected charity through our zine, too! Please look forward to it!
Can I obtain a physical copy of the zine?
Unfortunately, no. There will be no printed version of the zine. However, there will be options to purchase physical items! Stay tuned for more shop information.
Is romantic and/or ship content acceptable?
Yes, contributors are free to create romantic and/or ship content. All work will be SFW and general or teen rated.
What kind of aesthetic or style is the zine looking for?
There is no specific aesthetic or style required for this zine! We welcome all sorts of styles and encourage diverse forms of creativity. If you're looking for inspiration, check out our Pinterest for more images like the set below!

Total: 75 contributors (40 artists, 20 writers, 15 graphic designers)
✧ Each section will include work from 20 artists, 10 Writers, and 7 graphic designers.
✧ There will be 1 graphic designer who will create the transitory pages between sections.
OPTIONS ✧ ✧ ✧Page Artists may choose to create one of the following options:
✧ 1 vertical page (page art or 1-page comic)
✧ 1 horizontal spread
✧ 2 page, 4 page, or 6 page comic
Writers may choose to create one of the following options:
✧ Short form: Poetry or 500-2000 words
✧ Medium: 2000-7000 words
✧ Long: 10k to 20k
Graphic Designers may choose to create one of the following options:
✧ Abstract Illustration
✧ Packaging Concepts
✧ Poster Design
✧ Collage
CRITERIA ✧ ✧ ✧Additional information is listed in our About and FAQ pages. We strongly recommend you read those pages prior to submitting your application!Please note that the points listed below are not comprehensive or exhaustive of all application evaluation standards. The mod team will use these points as a guide for our evaluation process. More importantly, our hope is that these points can help relieve the stress of applying and encourage you to strengthen your portfolio!For artists, we’re looking for someone with:
✧ Good knowledge of anatomy, color, lighting, composition, perspective, and form. All of these fundamentals help build works that are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.
✧ Consistent style. Artists are encouraged to showcase their varied styles and approaches to work! However, your application should allow us to evaluate your work and form an expectation of what style your piece will bring to the zine. Whether your art style(s) is realistic, cartoony, or experimental, does your artwork demonstrate a willingness to add your own touch and explore your creativity?
✧ Ability to finish full pieces. Finished compositions and background work are crucial to display the worlds and/or environments in which your characters are placed, especially in this zine!
For writers, we’re looking for someone with:
✧ Good pacing, flow, and storyline. Works should move smoothly between plot points and draw the reader into the world you’re building. What drives the story? What makes it unique and interesting?
✧ Characterization. Readers should recognize the actions, personality, and motivations of in-story characters. If characters are placed in a different world or with a different set of values, how well-rounded are these traits? Is the reader able to agree and see your writing as true to the character?
✧ Voice and styling. Writing should showcase your passion and/or the passion of your characters and/or narrators. Is there a point of view or opinion that readers will lean into? How does your story evoke emotion for your characters, and in turn, your readers?
✧ Grammar, spelling, and formatting. Writing for the zine will be proofread and edited, but your work should be self-edited so that readers are able to easily follow along with your piece.
For graphic designers, we’re looking for someone with:
✧ Good understanding of layout and composition. This is related to hierarchy and balance within your piece. Is there an understanding of visual weight (e.g., how some elements are heavy and draw the eye, which then aids the viewer into the lighter elements of the design)? Are you able to attract, intrigue, and deliver the message of the theme/your design?
✧ Knowledge of colour and shapes/typography. Graphic designers should have a basic understanding of colour theory and be familiar with arranging type/letters as well as selecting typefaces. These skills help in the aforementioned attraction phase and can be used as a main component to establish tone/feeling to the viewer.
✧ Comprehension of basic design principles. Are you aware of how different elements (e.g., contrast, symmetry, repetition, white space, etc.) affect the visual narrative? You should feel comfortable using these principles to create harmony, balance, cohesiveness, or intentional lack thereof.
✧ Emphasis. This principle can be used effectively in ways that tie into the points mentioned above. Employing emphasis in your piece can make certain elements in your designs stand out (e.g., contrasting colours, scale, space). It can also be applied in the opposite way. Using these techniques can make a certain part of your element stand out or blend in, creating a pleasing aesthetic experience for your viewers.

Writer applications results sent!

Artist application results sent!

Graphic Designer RESULTS sent!

C A R A 🌙 she/herZine Position: organization, writing, social media, production, finance, shipping, discord, carrdExperience:
✧ 30+ zines across a variety of fandoms, all of which are listed here!
✧ mod for bts zines including gateway to you, soop, couture, and let me love you
✧ professional writing, editing, and marketing experience
Fave Space Fact: If you fell into a black hole, you'd undergo spaghettification (aka the noodle effect) and be both infinitely stretched and also gone, rip

T H E A 🪐 she/herZine Position: graphics, graphic designer, layout, formattingExperience:
✧ recent graduate of a university degree in graphic design and photography
✧ freelance experience for musicians, institutions, and NPOs
Fave Space Fact: Looking out into space is the same as looking back in time (if you look very very far, but still!!!)